At Mach 8 Biological Consulting, Inc. we understand the value of your home and unique details of it that make it yours. We apply a holistic approach to landscape architecture.

Mach 8 Bio focuses on Green Construction, Tree Removal, Tree Trimming/Pruning,  Fire Mitigation and Invasive Weed Management.

With expert arborists, biologists, and general contractors, no project is too small and you can expect the highest quality of work.

Green Construction

  • Specialty Construction Material Experts

    • Pumicecrete
    • Cob
    • Earthbag
  • Permaculture and Off Grid Homesteading Consulting

  • PV Solar Array Design and Installation

  • On-contour Swale Construction – Water Banking

Property Management

  • Tree Removal

    • Hazard tree removal
    • Tree climbing
    • Technical felling around valuable structures
    • Log skidding, decking, saw log hauling
    • Slash management – brush hauling, and chipping.
  • Tree Trimming Pruning
  • Property thinning – defensible space

    • Burn Pile construction or chipping services.
    • Firewood preparation wood stacking
    • Mowing and weed whacking fire breaks.
    • Mastication services
    • Herbicide applications
  • Invasive Plant Management

    • Star thistle removal
    • Yellow fox tail removal
    • – get rid of it for good!
  • Fence Construction

    • Livestock – Cattle or Goat
    • Deer exclusion
    • Perimeter construction