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Mach 8 Biological Consulting Inc. is dedicated to providing an innovative, holistic approach to restoration and ecosystem management for large construction projects, public land managers, and private property owners. We are sensitive to the unique biological systems specific to each project site and prioritize the necessary steps for successful restoration and maintenance of each resource.

A letter from the Owner

“I have dedicated my time to developing expertise in environmental surveying for threatened and endangered species, monitoring environmental compliance, implementing avoidance/mitigation measures in sensitive habitat and creating /completing environmental restoration. I maintain high standards of quality and detail to ensure each client’s confidence in my company’s ability to execute a project. Mach 8 Biological works throughout California, from large-scale projects in the Mojave desert to small-boutique projects with our National Parks and National Forests.”

ALEX MACH, OWNER, Mach 8 Biological Consulting Inc.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

-Albert Einstein