Project Description

Presence Absence Data Collection for Habitat Modeling

Yosemite National Park

Collaborated with USGS researchers, UC students, and National Park biologists to develop and implement a study of yosemite toads (Bufo canorus) based on established research and protocol

Developed a random sampling frame to determine the species richness and abundance of aquatic invertebrates, reptiles, and amphibians as part of an effort to create a biological index for the Merced river drainage in Yosemite Valley

Trained incoming field personnel to familiarize them with the research protocol and methods in wilderness settings

Duties included creating maps for backcountry trips, organizing human resource paperwork, developing species identification keys, and downloading data at the end of each trip

Survey Protocol consisted of visual encounter surveys in remote high elevation lakes, meadows, and streams for yosemite toads, sierra nevada yellow legged frogs (Rana sierrae), as well as other reptiles, amphibians, and aquatic invertebrates.

Fieldwork required: extensive backpacking experience over rugged (often cross-country) terrain for 8-9 day tours carrying ~50 lb packs; ability to work in a small crew with limited human contact in remote environments under inclement weather conditions for prolonged periods; and aptitude to work in and around cold water

Designed a database using ArcMap and Access to manage data from previous and for future field seasons

Assisted National Park biologists with various projects by developing maps for presentations and reports

Organized the National Park wildlife division’s scientific literature in an electronic citation manager (Endnote) to facilitate the preparation of major sections of park management plans and research

Collected demographic and habitat data using Trimble and Garmin GPS units for analysis with ArcMap and other GIS software

Coordinated the deployment, maintenance, use, and storage of field equipment to prolong its utility

Project Details


Habitat Remodeling


Summers 2009 – 2014