At Mach 8 Biological Consulting we understand the value of your home and the unique details that make it yours. We apply a holistic approach to landscape architecture.

Mach8Bio focuses on Green Construction, Tree Removal, Tree Trimming and Pruning,  Fire Mitigation and Invasive Weed Management.

The expertise of our arborists, biologists, and general contractors ensures that you will enjoy the highest quality of work.

Green Construction

  • Specialty Construction Material Experts

    • Pumice-Crete
    • Cob
    • Earthbag
  • Permaculture and Off-Grid Homesteading Consultations

  • PV Solar Array Design and Installation

  • On-contour Swale Construction – Water Banking

Property Management

  • Tree Removal

    • Hazardous Tree Removal
    • Technical Felling Around Valuable Structures
    • Log Skidding, Decking, Saw Log Hauling
    • Slash Management, Brush Hauling, Chipping
  • Tree Trimming and Pruning

  • Property Thinning – Defensible Space

    • Burn Pile Construction, Chipping Services
    • Firewood Preparation and Stacking
    • Mowing and Weed Whacking for Fire Breaks
    • Mastication Services
    • Herbicide Application
  • Invasive Plant Management

    • Star Thistle Removal
    • Yellow FoxTail Removal
  • Fence Construction

    • Livestock Fencing
    • Deer Exclusion
    • General Perimeter Construction